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This ten minute demo gives you a peek at what The Prayer Engine can offer.

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Installed in About Five Minutes

The Prayer Engine was designed specifically for ease of installation and customization. Simply follow the instructions in the included User Guide and you'll be up and running before you finish your coffee. Watch the video walkthrough for installing the standalone code.

Plays Nice with WordPress

Installing to a WordPress site? The instant download now includes a special plugin to embed The Prayer Engine* into the CMS you're already familiar with (no separate install required). Watch the demo!

*The WordPress Plugin version of The Prayer Engine includes a responsive stylesheet for mobile themes instead of a seperate web app.

A Social Darling

The way we communicate has changed... shouldn't your prayer chain change with it?

The Prayer Engine makes it easier than ever to share the latest prayer requests on the most popular social networks. It only takes a few minutes to make Facebook and Twitter valuable components of your prayer strategy.

Moderate Once, Update Everywhere

Work smarter, not harder.

The Prayer Engine was built for simplicity. One click updates your Prayer Wall, RSS Feed, Twitter Prayer Chain and your Mobile Web App. No grunt work required.

A Master of Disguise

You worked hard on your website. The Prayer Engine was developed to slip right into your template and blend in with your existing branding strategy. Use one of the included designer color schemes or simply edit the stylesheet to tweak the dials. It's made to fit in, not stand out.

Stay Connected on
the Go

Life happens away from your computer. The Prayer Engine keeps your ministry going by enabling your audience to view and share prayer requests from the convenience of their smart phones.

*The WordPress Plugin version of The Prayer Engine includes a responsive stylesheet for mobile themes instead of a seperate web app.

Share with Confidence

When a new prayer request is added, The Prayer Engine automatically sends the user an email containing the details of their request and a unique removal link.

Whether a prayer has been answered or too much was shared, a simple click permanently removes the request from the The Prayer Engine's database.

Reporting for Duty

In addition to its powerful web tools, The Prayer Engine also includes a custom report library that generates time based lists of recent requests.

It takes only seconds to print a report of prayer requests from the last day, week, month or quarter. Keeping your staff and small groups informed has never been easier.

Real Feedback = Real Ministry

When a request is posted to your Prayer Wall, visitors are encouraged to leave feedback in the form of the "I Prayed for This" button. When clicked, the prayer request is updated to reflect their support, and the original submitter receives an instant email notification that someone has prayed for them.

Share the Responsibility

Maintaining a healthy prayer ministry can be too much work for one person. The Prayer Engine provides tiered access to an unlimited group of administrators, enabling your staff to delegate with peace of mind.

When a new prayer request is received, administrators are instantly notified by email to moderate and respond to the need.

Safe and Sound

Don't worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. The Prayer Engine includes a sophisticated administrative portal that can only be accessed by your prayer team leaders.

In addition, all prayer requests must be moderated before they're shared online, keeping sensitive and inappropriate information out of sight.

So Simple, You'll Actually Use It

The Prayer Engine is remarkably easy to use. Your audience sees a sleek interface where they can view and interact with hundreds of prayer requests and easily share their own.

The Prayer Engine's administrative portal is designed to be the easiest part of your staff's day. No more sifting through emails, creating databases or updating spreadsheets.